9 Best Waterproof Golf Shoes: Stay Dry On The Green

best waterproof golf shoes

What is the first thing you check in a waterproof golf shoe? Waterproofing performance, of course. 

For that, the choice is mainly among Gore Tex, leather and synthetic. Here, Gore-Tex is the best for a quality waterproof performance. But it is not comfortable enough for wearing the whole day, especially in summer. While comfortable options like leather and synthetic are mostly water-resistant. And even if manufacturers make them waterproof by spray or coating, that naturally doesn’t last long. 

However, it is better to go for the comfortable one that is waterproof to an extent for enjoying the game. You don’t really need 100% waterproof unless you are going to play in rain or soak the shoes in water. Regarding the issues, we have included all of these types in our research. Finally, we picked the 10 best waterproof golf shoes on the basis of waterproofing, comfort, traction, stability, price etc. A buying guide is also added afterwards to help you choose the best ones on your own.

9 Best Waterproof Golf Shoes Reviews

1. ECCO Women’s Biom G3 Gore-tex

best waterproof golf shoe

ECCO Women’s Biom G3 Gore-tex features GORE-TEX 100% waterproof technology, offering increased protection from wet weather conditions. The combination of ZARMA-TOUR spikes and ECCO’s hybrid elements help to provide grip and traction. These shoes also give out a soft feel because of the ECCO YAK leather.

As for the design of the shoes, the looks are pretty simple. Though you have different color options to choose from, it doesn’t include any vibrant color option. Moreover, these are comparatively more expensive.

Features at a glance

  • It comes with GORE-TEX 100% waterproof technology
  • ZARMA-TOUR spikes provides traction
  • ECCO YAK leather gives out a soft feel
  • BIOM NATURAL MOTION Technology supports the natural movement of foot
  • Ortholite inlay sole is removable and washable

Drawbacks at a glance

  • It is comparatively more expensive
  • There are no vibrant color options available

Final verdict

ECCO Women’s Biom G3 Gore-tex Shoe is a bit expensive option on our best waterproof golf shoes list. The combination of GORE-TEX 100% waterproof technology and washable inlay sole is the highlight of these shoes.

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2. Skechers Men’s Mojo

Skechers Men’s Mojo Review

Skechers Men’s Mojo is a simple yet stylish option. Lots of variations in colors are offered for this model. And each of them looks very simple, casual yet stylish. It has H2GO waterproof shield technology with 2 year warranty to offer good waterproofing performance. The outsole of these shoes provides good traction and flexibility for spikeless golf shoes.

In addition, there is a cushioned insole inside. These are constructed with full-grain leather and textile upper. Heel and instep overlay with S logo and pulls on top loops add a premium outlook to the shoes. But these are comparatively heavier in weight. 

Features at a glance

  • It has H2GO waterproof shield technology
  • Spikeless TPU outsole offers flexibility
  • Resamax cushioned insole makes it comfortable for underfoot
  • Outsole with Lug geometry provides good traction for a spikeless shoe

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The shoes are comparatively heavier in weight

Final verdict

As Skechers Men’s Mojo has a casual design, it is suitable for both inside and outside the golf course. Of course, it won’t provide much traction as a spiked one but it has lug geometry outsoles to provide traction. Though it is comparatively heavier in weight, it is comfortable to wear.

3. FootJoy Women’s DryJoys Previous Season Style

FootJoy Women's DryJoys Previous Season Style Golf Shoes Review

FootJoy Women’s DryJoys Previous Season Style comes with full grain leather that offers a good waterproofing performance and also makes it comfortable for you to wear. The spiked outsole provides grip and stability to help you play better. As the outsole is made of rubber, it is easier to clean. 

Moreover, it gives out a classy and premium look. But the problem is the tongue is a bit long. So, it may get uncomfortable for your ankle. Also, keep in mind while purchasing that the size of these shoes runs a bit larger. 

Features at a glance

  • The Full grain leather uppers offers waterproof performance and breathability to keep feet dry
  • The Rubber outsole offers good turf gripping performance
  • The fiberglass composite support bridge offers increased midfoot stability

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The long tongue may make it uncomfortable to wear
  • It is comparatively more expensive

Final verdict

As full grain leather is known for its quality, the uppers of FootJoy Women’s DryJoys Previous Season Style Shoes offer a soft and comfortable feeling. The classy look and lacing system make these shoes more attractive to the golfers.

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4. New Balance NBG1007 Men’s Minimus Tour

New Balance NBG1007 Men’s Minimus Tour Review

New Balance NBG1007 Men’s Minimus Tour comes with a waterproof upper and Proprietary polyurethane performance insoles to keep your feet dry. And the microfiber leather upper supported by FantomFit makes these light in weight. The shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch. The midsole offers lightweight cushioning and good responsiveness. Talking out the looks, the shoes are available in 4 color variants to choose from. 

It features a spiked rubber outsole that provides traction and stability so that you can focus on hitting the golf ball, not on your feet. But the concern is that the spikes may not last long.

Features at a glance

  • It comes with waterproof upper
  • The NDurance rubber outsole offers flexibility
  • Proprietary polyurethane performance insoles helps to keep feet dry from moisture
  • Ultralight FantomFit support gives out a soft feel
  • REVlite 4mm drop midsole makes it comfortable to wear

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The spikes come off easily

Final verdict

NBG1007 Men’s Minimus Tour is another good option from New Balance. The spikes may come off easily. But except for that, the breathable upper makes it comfortable to wear in summer too.

5. Callaway Men’s Solana TRX

Callaway Men's Solana TRX Golf Shoes Review

Men’s Solana TRX Golf by Callaway comes with a Microfiber leather upper that has opti-dri waterproof protection. That lets you freely move around the different surfaces of the golf course. On the outsole, there are 7 spikes to help you avoid embarrassing slip accidents. While the specially designed midsole offers natural ground feel. The combination of insole and midsole makes the rounds comfortable.

As for the looks, it is available in 3 different colors and various different sizes. It is a good option as golf shoes for wide feet too as it has separate size options for wide feet. Talking about the structure, it looks like sneakers. But if you are used to the typical foot-shape shoes, the roomy structure of these may feel a bit uncomfortable to you.

Features at a glance

  • Microfiber leather upper has opti-dri waterproof protection to keep your feet dry
  • Opti-Soft™ EVA midsole offers a natural feel
  • 5mm PLUSfoam insole enhances comfort
  • The dura-rubber outsole with 7 spikes helps to reduce slip and trip

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The roomy design of the shoe may feel a bit uncomfortable to you

Final verdict

Callaway Men’s Solana TRX Shoes are comparatively affordable. For the golfers with wide feet, it is a convenient option as it has separate size options for wide feet and has a bit of roomy structure.

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6. FootJoy Women’s Traditions

FootJoy Women's Traditions Golf Shoe Review

FootJoy Women’s Traditions is one of the premium options for a women’s golf shoe. The full grain leather offers a good waterproofing performance. And FootJoy warrants that it will last one year. It also provides breathability to give out a comfortable feeling. In addition, the insole helps to make your golf rounds more enjoyable. These shoes feature Pulsar cleats to provide enhanced stability and traction. 

And talking about looks, it gives out a pretty classic feel with the slightly narrow heel and refined toe shape. You can choose from different color options. But the concern is that it is comparatively expensive. That makes it hard for many golfers to have one. Also, it may pinch the feet a bit because of the narrow design.

Features at a glance

  • The full grain leather offers waterproofing and breathability
  • It has Pulsar cleats help to reduce slip accidents
  • The Molded Fit-Bed insole makes it comfortable for underfoot

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The narrow design may pinch the feet a little
  • It runs big in size
  • It is comparatively expensive

Final verdict

FootJoy Women’s Traditions offers both underfoot comfort and good waterproofing performance because of the combination of full grain leather and Fit-Bed insole. As it is a bit more dressy and a classic option, it comes at a comparatively higher price.

7. ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex

ECCO Women's Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe Review

ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex is one of the premium options of our best waterproof golf shoes list. It features GORE-TEX waterproof technology to provide a quality waterproof performance throughout the round. The Ortholite insole gives out a cushioned feel. You can easily remove and wash it. 

Having no spikes makes it a bit more comfortable while walking. But keep in mind that these won’t provide much traction. Though the ECCO MTN GRIP outsole offers stability, the traction is not enough for the wet conditions of golf courses. You may slip or trip sometimes if you don’t stay careful.

Features at a glance

  • BIOM NATURAL MOTION technology makes the shoes comfortable to wear
  • X-TENSA INVISIBLE TECHNOLOGY enhances stability
  • ECCO FLUIDFORM Technology offers comfort and stability
  • ECCO MTN GRIP outsole provides increased stability and support

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The outsole design doesn’t provide much traction
  • It is comparatively expensive

Final verdict

ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex is one of the most comfortable shoes on our list. The highlight of these shoes is that it combines different technologies to make it comfortable, waterproof, and easy to clean.

8. New Balance Men’s Striker

New Balance Men’s Striker Review

New Balance Men’s Striker comes with a waterproof microfiber leather upper to keep your feet dry and warm. The 2 year waterproof warranty of these shoes lets you stay at ease. And microfiber leather upper is supported by FantomFit, which makes these shoes light in weight. It is imported, and the shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch. The  synthetic sole enhances the comfort.

These shoes are designed with flexible outsole to allow the natural motion of your foot. The midsole offers lightweight cushioning and premium responsiveness. But the concern is that the uppers can sometimes feel stiff and uncomfortable. 

Features at a glance

  • Waterproof microfiber leather upper offers good waterproof performance
  • CUSH+ insole and Synthetic sole offers enhanced comfort
  • The spiked feature provides traction and stability
  • The REVlite midsole offers premium responsiveness
  • Exoskeleton TPU outsole supports the natural motion of feet

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The uppers may feel are a bit stiff
  • The waterproofing may not last long

Final verdict

New Balance Men’s Striker offers a good level of waterproofing performance and comfort as the outsole is made from leather. The midsole is well-cushioned, and the outsole allows the natural movement of the foot. It is a good option as comfortable and waterproof.

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9. Skechers Go Golf Men’s Torque

Skechers Go Golf Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe Review

The Skechers torque shoe comes with H2GO Shield 1 year waterproof protection to keep your feet dry. The Goga Max insole provides better rebound cushioning, while the molded rubber grip bottom plate and replaceable soft spikes give you good traction that you need in golf shoes for walking

It has a lightweight, smooth synthetic upper with a leather-look finish. The shoe has contrast colored side designs with soft fabric lining. And it is designed with a lace-up front. But the concern is that the insole is not removable and you may need to change the spikes from time to time.

Features at a glance

  • It comes with H2GO shield to keep your feet dry
  • Skechers Goga Max technology insole offers support
  • The ULTRA FLIGHT midsole makes it comfortable to wear
  • The replaceable Softspikes cleats provides helps to avoid slip accidents

Drawbacks at a glance

  • The insole is not removable
  • You may need to replace the spikes after a while
  • The waterproofing may not last long

Final verdict

Skechers Men’s Torque is an affordable choice for comfortable waterproof golf shoes. The replaceable spikes make it a convenient option to use for a long time.

Things to Consider before Buying Waterproof Golf Shoes

What are the facts you usually consider before buying a pair of shoes? Outlook, price, and sizes mostly. But before buying waterproof golf shoes, there are a few other factors you need to consider too. Let’s look at the following facts to ensure that you are getting yourself the best waterproof golf shoes.

1. Waterproofing and material

Of course, waterproofing is the first thing you need to check while buying waterproof golf shoes. Make sure to check whether the shoes are 100% waterproof or not. Some shoes are just water-resistant, not waterproof. For a better waterproof performance, Gore-tex is the first choice. 

Leather is also a popular choice among golfers for its waterproof feature and comfort as well. Keep in mind that leather can be of different qualities. The price also differs with that. Usually, leather of a higher quality costs more. If you want to go for a budget friendly option, then synthetic can be a good pick.

But neither leather nor synthetic is fully waterproof regardless of quality. They are just waterproof to an extent. Manufacturers often use special coating or spray to make them waterproof. But it eventually wets out  and doesn’t last for long.

However, manufacturers often combine different materials to provide you with different features within a reasonable price. Keep in mind that just checking the material of uppers is not enough; you need to check the quality of the sole too. 

For example, rubber soles are naturally waterproof, flexible, easier to clean and provide good grip. But they are heavier in weight. While synthetic soles are more lightweight and offer a good level of breathability. But it is not as flexible as rubber. Leather soles also feel lightweight and they are heat- resistant too. Though both synthetic and leather are not naturally waterproof, they can be made waterproof by mixing different chemicals.

2. Comfort

When it comes to the comfort of waterproof shoes, the material of the shoes makes a significant impact. Though synthetic doesn’t have better waterproof performance than leather and Gore-tex, synthetic is more comfortable for standing and walking all day long. It is lightweight too. As for breathability, both leather and Gore-tex are breathable. However, Gore-tex keeps the foot warmer. Thus, using it in winter will be more comfortable than using it the summer season. 

That’s why, leather is a famous choice because of the balanced performance it gives out in terms of comfort and waterproofing. Not only the material, check the design of cushioning of the midsole and insole as well. It needs to give proper support to your heel and arch.

3. Spiked or spikeless

Golf shoes can either be spiked or spikeless. Spiked ones definitely offer more traction. And some shoes even give the option to remove the spikes. But it is better to opt-out from shoes with metal spikes as most of the golf courses are banning them for the damage it does to the terrain. So, it is better to choose plastic spikes in this case. 

While the spikeless shoes are usually more comfortable, lightweight, and flexible. So you can use them in daily life as well. Those golfers who are more concerned about comfort and traction, spikeless shoes are for them. Moreover, though spikeless golf shoes don’t offer the same traction as the spiked ones, spikeless ones with different outsole patterns still can offer a good amount of traction. The small rubber lugs on the bottom or the water channels and pegs design of the shoes provide stability too.

4. Overall construction

Getting the best waterproof golf shoes is not all about choosing the ideal waterproof material or picking one between spiked and spikeless. It is so much more than that. You need to ensure that it has the proper construction too. 

See the seams first as water usually enters through that. It needs to be properly sealed and tight. Double-sealed seams are a better option. Also make sure to check the connection of the soles and uppers as well. The shoes need to have a flexible sole that lets you move your feet Comfortably.


Having the best pair of shoes helps a golfer passively. And choosing the waterproof ones will make the rounds more enjoyable by keeping the feet dry and warm. Hope that our 10 best waterproof golf shoes reviews and the essential buying guide has helped to ease your selection. If you are looking for your first golf shoes, leave the name of the shoes you are thinking of buying. Feel free to leave your inquiries. Also, you are most welcome to express your opinions in the comments section.

Happy golfing!

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