Precision Pro Nexus Rangefinder Review

Precision Pro Nexus Review

Quality comes with a price. The precision pro nexus rangefinder will prove this statement wrong. If you are searching for the best quality rangefinder that fits in a low budget, you should watch for a precision rangefinder. You will get exceptionally accurate yardage reading with a precision pro nexus, which costs under $150. 

The precision pro nexus is the best golf rangefinder under the $150 segment. So, if you are excited to find how this laser rangefinder performs and find out whether it is the best or not, we got you covered. 

In this article, we will be reviewing the precision pro nexus and share our thoughts on it. By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of the best golf laser rangefinder for the money. 

Precision Pro Nexus Rangefinder Review

Precision Pro Nexus Rangefinder Review

In 2013, Precision Pro Golf started its journey with a vision of providing golf rangefinders. The main purpose of Precision was to offer rangefinders at a much lower price than the competitors.

The high cost of rangefinders hinders the average golfer who would love to improve their gameplay. By 2021, precision golf is very much successful in its vision. If you list out the best laser rangefinders for the money, precision golf will surely make a mark on that list. 

To be more specific, the precision pro nexus will be in such a list. It may seem that the precision pro nexus has fewer features than most rangefinders like Bushnell tour v4 or TecTecTec VPRO offer, but we would say that the nexus has enough features that would serve your purpose. It doesn’t compromise on essential elements. 

The package includes 

  1. Nexus rangefinder
  2. A carrying case
  3. A 3-volt battery
  4. An instruction manual 
  5. A lanyard, and 
  6. A cleaning cloth


Honestly, the performance may not satisfy you if you have already used some branded high-tech laser rangefinders like the Garmin Z series or the Bushnell Tour series. Other than that, you would not find the performance of the nexus laser rangefinder cheap. It is fast, accurate, easy to access, and very handy. 

You will gain benefits like the first target acquisition technology (TAG), 400-yard capacity, and many more. These features within $150 are worth it. Another best quality of the Nexus is the ease of using it. Only two buttons in it: naming, power, and mode. As a result, you will have no issues using it.

Speed and Accuracy

Like the pin-seeker technology from Bushnell golf, the precision pro golf has target acquisition technology. This feature is a beneficial one for golfers with a shaky hand. 

The TAG allows you to know that the rangefinder has locked a target, and you are getting results for that target. The nexus laser rangefinder is fast and found accurate to 1 yard by most golfers. The accuracy may differ depending on the ground condition, weather condition, and some other factors. If you consider the price tag, its accuracy is very much impressive. 

Display and Magnification

You will have a clear view using the Precision Pro Nexus rangefinder due to its 6x magnification focusing on the eyepiece. Though the resolution of the display is not much satisfying, the magnification is excellent. 

Besides, the nexus has dynamic scanning technology (DST) mode. With the DST mode, you can look around the horizon and get distances as you scan from target to target. Very few devices provide such features with the pin-seeker mechanism.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast, accurate, and lightweight
  • Dynamic Scanning Technology
  • Tournament-legal rangefinder
  • 6x magnification


  • Limited features
  • It gives a flimsy feel in the hand

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How to use Precision Pro Nexus?

You can use the precision pro nexus by following the above steps. Having only two buttons made it easier to use. 

  • Start the rangefinder by pressing the power button.
  • Push the power button again for distance calculating
  • Push the mode button to switch on and off the target lock feature. You can see the status of the target lock mode in the display in the lower-left corner.  
  • Hold the Mode button to change the result readings from yards to meters.

What Is The Best Golf Laser Rangefinder for The Money?

The Precision Pro Nexus is the best golf rangefinder for the money. Among thousands of models and hundreds of brands, we picked the best value rangefinder for you. We spent hours researching, analyzing, and reviewing them. Then we came up with the best possible suggestions for you. So that you need not spend much time deciding your perfect match for the rangefinder. 

Besides you can check the PEAKPULSE laser rangefinder and BOBLOV 650 rangefinders as alternatives to the Nexus.

400 yards
650 yards
500 yards
Target locking
First target acquisition system
Yes, Advanced target locking
Yes, First target acquisition

Check latest Price!

Check latest Price!

Check latest Price!

Final Thoughts

If you love laser rangefinders with superior performance at a budget price, you will love the precision pro nexus. Despite the low price, it does not feel cheap in hand. It looks standard and feels good in the hand, too. The readings are very accurate. And it offers features that you would require in a tournament match.

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