Garmin Approach Z82 Golf GPS Laser Range Finder Review

Garmin Approach Z82

Garmin is the pioneer of hybrid golf rangefinder. If you love the combination of a laser rangefinder and GPS in a rangefinder, Garmin is there to help you. Garmin launched the Z80 back in 2018. In 2020, they recently introduced another golf rangefinder called Z82, with similar attributes but better performance. 

With the introduction of Garmin Z82, it becomes a challenging task to choose the best golf rangefinders for golfers. You might get confused at first glance to the Z80 and Z82 and consider both models the same. In reality, they are not, and you will figure out the differences once you use them. To ease your task, we will be reviewing the Garmin Z82 in this article.

Here, you will get a comprehensive overview of the Garmin Z82 and decide better on whether you should buy it or not. You may also check our review on the Z80 laser rangefinder in our dedicated post. Moreover, you will get a comparison study at the end of this article.

Garmin Approach Z82 Review

Garmin Z82 rangefinder is the most accurate GPS and laser rangefinder for measuring flags up to 450 yards. Like the Z80, it also has a 41,000-course map in 2D course view mode. There is hardly any golf course that you miss using the Garmin rangefinders. 

Even if you don’t find your golf course using GPS, there is nothing to worry about. You can use laser readings of the device. The image stabilization feature makes it easier to find the pin and have an accurate measurement. The laser technology used in this rangefinder can provide very accurate readings. 

Not only this, but you will also be enjoying loads of features like a play-like mode, green view, hazard view, target locking mechanism, and many more in the Garmin Approach Z82 laser rangefinder.

Before moving on to the performance review, you will get the list of items in the package. 

In the package:

  1. Approach Z82 golf laser range finder 
  2. Carry case with carabiner clip 
  3. Micro USB cable 
  4. Documentation

Features and benefits

Features of the Garmin Z82 are similar to the Z80 laser rangefinder like Smart GPS, laser measurement, Visual Zolt, and many more. But the performance differentiates them. Z82 outplayed Z80 in performance. 

The Z82 has both GPS and laser technology built-in to calculate distances. With GPS technology, you will get a new perspective on more than 41,000 golf courses. You can see the hazards (if any) and the distance in the 2D display mode. The smart GPS automatically identifies which hole you are playing based on the course layout. Besides, you can activate the laser to enjoy precise distance measurements.


The Garmin Approach Z82 looks excellent in black and white bodywork. You can operate the Z82 single-handedly for its ergonomic design and compact size. The Z82 design will give you the best user experience. The Z82 looks very simple yet so stylish.


Garmin Z82 is the most accurate laser rangefinder with GPS when targeting a flag within 450 yards. You will get a reading of as close as 10”.

The device displays the distance to the flag and represents the measurement of the complete green too. The image stabilization feature with 6x magnification is effortless. Clear view, precision in measurement. Everything you can ask for.  The device sends you a green signal when you are closer to the green. These features are unique.


  • Sharp color display
  • It gives shot distance measurements
  • locks onto the flag even if you have unsteady hands


  • It takes more time to charge fully
  • Weight heavy

Is Garmin Z82 Tournament Legal?

When you switch off the slope calculation feature, the Garmin Z82 is legal for tournament use. You can easily switch it on when not playing any tournament matches. According to the USGA law, you can’t use distance measuring devices for slope calculation. 

What are the differences between Garmin Z82 and Garmin Z80?

Performance is the major difference between Garmin Z82 and Z80. Both the models are two masterpieces from Garmin. And they look almost similar with the same features in the package. These models are creating a buzz among golfers in 2020 after the release of Z82. Though these models are identical, here are the differences we figured out. 

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Final Words

Hopefully, you have got all your queries answered in this article. The Garmin Z82 is highly recommended if you search for a laser rangefinder with a GPS facility and the most accurate distance measurement readings. With the latest technology and lots of special features, the price is relatively low. You can use this rangefinder in competitive matches because the slope feature can be switched off easily to make this distance measuring device legal for the tournament.

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