Garmin Approach Z80 Golf Laser Range Finder Review

Garmin Z80

When it comes to buying a DMD (Distance Measuring Device) for golf, a debate often occurs between GPS devices and Laser devices. If you have similar confusion, Garmin Z80 will put a full stop to your doubts because the Z80 has brought both technologies under one umbrella. Yes, you read it correctly. GPS and Laser are both available in the Garmin Z80 rangefinder. 

But how effective can this combination be? You will get the answer by the end of this article. We will review the Garmin Z80 rangefinder and list out what we liked most and what Garmin can improve to perform better. Go through this article on the Garmin Z80 review and let us know how our review helped you make a better decision.  

Garmin Z80 Golf Laser Range Finder Review

Garmin Z80 Golf Laser Range Finder

Garmin Z80 is a hybrid golf rangefinder. The hybrid rangefinder concept is relatively new yet. Very few brands have introduced such kinds of devices. Garmin Z80 is one of the pioneers of hybrid rangefinders, introduced in 2018. 

The Garmin Approach Z80 looks very trendy with a white and black classy outlook. You can quickly grab this compact size device and operate it in one-hand. Z80 is designed to give you the best user experience. 

With GPS technology, you will get a new perspective on more than 41,000 golf courses. Besides, you can activate the laser to enjoy precise distance measurements. You can see the hazards (if any) and the distance in the 2D display mode. The smart GPS automatically identifies which hole you are playing based on the course layout. 


You will enjoy incomparable accuracy with the Z80 rangefinder. Garmin Z80 is the most accurate laser rangefinder with GPS when targeting a flag within 350 yards. You will get a reading of as close as 10”. 

The device displays the distance to the flag and represents the measurement of the complete green too. The device sends you a green signal when you are closer to the green. These features are unique. 

The image stabilization feature with 6x magnification is effortless. Clear view, precision in measurement. Everything you can ask for. 

Modes of Play

Two different modes can be used in the Garmin Z80 laser rangefinder. They are called “Play-like” mode and “pin-pointer” mode. 

In the play-like mode, the device shows a result after adjusting the uphill or downhill. This means you get slope-calculated data, so that you can easily understand which club to use and when. Slope mode is illegal for competitive matches. And you can switch off this feature easily and use the pin-pointer method.

The pin-pointer mode will help you most if you have shaky hands to target the flag for a stable time. This mode can also be beneficial if you can’t see the flag exactly. Then the pin-pointer method directs you to hit the right direction using the GPS data. 

Along with the Approach Z80 laser rangefinder device, you will get a carry case and MicroUSB cable in the package. A lot has been said about the features and specifications. Let’s check how it performs.

Things you will love in Garmin Z80

  • 2D view of the golf courses
  • Accurate readings
  • User-friendly
  • Image stabilization
  • GPS shows the hazards
  • Stylish outlook
  • Portability
  • Slope calculation
  • Different modes of play

Things that can be improved

  • Battery performance: Needs to recharge regularly based on usage
  • Easy user experience: The digitized screens take time to get used to
  • Result presentation: To see the results you need to use a viewfinder always.

The drawbacks are not the deal breakers. The Garmin Z80 is still a good value for the money. As hybrid technology is new, you might find it challenging to use. The following section might help you regarding this. 

How to Use Garmin Z80?

Being a new concept, the hybrid rangefinders might seem challenging to use at the beginning. Don’t worry! Here is the solution to your concern. You shall not face any difficulties using the Z80 rangefinder. Visual representation is better than thousands of words. Check the following video for better understanding.

Is Garmin Z80 Worth the Price?

Yes, the Garmin Z80 is worth the price, considering new technologies often cost higher at the beginning. The combination of GPS and Laser in rangefinders is a new concept. And the variety is performing well together. Dynamic readings, accuracy, and 2D map view help a lot of golfers improve their playing style. 

How Good Are Garmin Rangefinders?

Garmin Logo

Garmin is a renowned brand for GPS technological devices for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sports activities, including golf. They have been in operation since 1989. 

You will be amazed looking at their product portfolio. According to their 2018 annual report, they had a revenue of $3.35 billion. And the graph is rising year after year. 

Their activity tracker and smartwatch now compete against brands like Fitbit and Apple. The reason behind quoting this information is to illustrate the quality Garmin is providing. 

Garmin is known for its GPS technology products. Like their fitness trackers and GPS watches, the rangefinders are also performing great in the market.

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Final Words

The Garmin Z80 laser rangefinder is jam-packed with loads of features. All the components are pretty much essential for golfers regardless of their skill set. Considering the price and benefits of this rangefinder, it is worth the money. You can use this rangefinder in competitive matches because the slope feature can be switched off easily to make this distance measuring device legal for the tournament.

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