What Is the Away Team in Golf?

In golf, the “away team” refers to the group of golfers whose balls are farthest from the hole after the completion of a hole. Understanding the concept of the away team is essential for maintaining a smooth pace of play and adhering to the rules of golf etiquette.

When multiple golfers are playing together in a group, it’s common for them to take turns hitting their shots. The golfer whose ball is farthest from the hole plays first, while the other golfers wait their turn. This ensures a fair and organized way to progress through the course.

The golfer with the ball closest to the hole is referred to as the “closest to the pin” or “nearest the hole” and is part of the away team. The golfers with balls farther from the hole make up the group waiting to hit, often referred to as the “group in waiting.”

Maintaining the order of play based on the away team principle helps in reducing unnecessary delays on the golf course. It also ensures that golfers have a clear understanding of whose turn it is to hit, promoting fairness and courtesy among players.

In some cases, golfers may choose to waive their turn if their ball is particularly far from the hole, allowing other players to hit first to maintain a faster pace of play.

In conclusion, in golf, the away team consists of the group of golfers whose balls are farthest from the hole on a given hole. This concept helps maintain order, pace of play, and golf etiquette during a round of golf, ensuring that golfers take turns hitting their shots in an organized manner.

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