What Is Bump and Run in Golf?

Bump and run in golf is a low, rolling shot played close to the ground with the intention of getting the ball onto the green and letting it run towards the hole. It’s a versatile and effective technique used in various situations around the green.

The key to a successful bump and run shot is using a club with lower loft, such as a pitching wedge, 9-iron, or even a putter. Golfers typically employ this shot when they have limited green to work with, and they want to minimize the risk of the ball rolling too far past the hole.

To execute a bump and run shot, golfers make a putting-like stroke, contacting the ball just above the ground, causing it to roll smoothly toward the target. The idea is to land the ball on a flat, firm portion of the green to allow for predictable and controlled roll.

Bump and run shots are often used when dealing with tight lies, downhill slopes, or when there’s an obstacle between the ball and the hole. By keeping the ball low and utilizing the natural contours of the green, golfers can improve their chances of getting the ball close to the hole with minimal risk of it running too far past.

Mastery of the bump and run shot is a valuable skill in golf, as it provides golfers with an additional option for navigating challenging situations around the green. It requires finesse, precision, and a good understanding of the greens to consistently get the ball close to the hole while minimizing the risk of three-putting.

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