What Is Better Ball in Golf?

Better ball in golf, also known as “four-ball,” is a team format where two golfers play as a team, but each plays their own ball throughout the round. The team records the better score of the two golfers on each hole, and that score is used to compete against another team’s better ball score.

In better ball, the focus is on the individual golfer’s performance on each hole, with the goal of achieving the lowest score possible. The team’s overall score is based on the better of the two individual scores on each hole.

This format is popular in both casual and competitive team events, such as friendly matches, club tournaments, and even professional events like the Ryder Cup. It allows golfers to work together as a team while maintaining their own scores and playing their own shots.

Better ball can be played in various combinations, including two-person teams, three-person teams, or larger groups, depending on the format of the event. It offers an enjoyable and social way to play golf while emphasizing individual performance and teamwork.

In summary, better ball in golf is a team format where two or more golfers play together, each using their own ball on each hole. The team records the better score of the two golfers on each hole, making it a fun and competitive way to enjoy golf as a team while highlighting individual performance.

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