What Is Auto-Select in Golf?

Auto-select in golf, also known as “auto-advance” or “auto-press,” is a feature in some golf scoring and GPS apps that automatically progress to the next hole during a round. This convenient tool eliminates the need for golfers to manually update the hole number as they move from one hole to the next, streamlining the scoring process and enhancing the pace of play.

Auto-select typically relies on GPS technology to detect when a player has moved a sufficient distance from one green to the next tee box. Once the golfer reaches the next tee, the app automatically advances to the corresponding hole, updating the scoring and providing essential information about the upcoming hole, such as distance and hazards.

This feature can be especially useful in casual rounds or when using a golf app for scoring, as it ensures that golfers can focus on their game without the distraction of managing the scorecard manually. It promotes a smoother and more enjoyable golf experience by reducing administrative tasks.

However, it’s important to note that not all golf apps or courses support auto-select functionality, so golfers should check if their chosen app and course offer this feature. For those who prefer a traditional scorecard or are playing in competitive settings, manual hole advancement remains the standard.

In summary, auto-select in golf is a feature in some golf scoring and GPS apps that automatically advances to the next hole during a round, simplifying the scoring process and improving the pace of play. It’s a convenient tool that enhances the overall golfing experience, but its availability may vary depending on the app and course.

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