What is Around the Horn in Golf?

“Around the Horn” in golf is a putting practice drill where golfers putt from different points around the hole, usually in a circular pattern. This drill helps improve putting accuracy and consistency.

In the world of golf, mastering the art of putting is crucial, and ‘Around the Horn’ is a popular drill that helps golfers enhance their skills on the green. This practice involves placing several golf balls in a circle around a hole at a set distance, often three to six feet away. The golfer then attempts to putt each ball into the hole, moving around the circle.

This drill is effective for several reasons. Firstly, it simulates the variety of putts golfers face during a round, requiring them to adapt their stroke for different angles and distances. This variability in practice is key to developing a well-rounded putting game.

Secondly, ‘Around the Horn’ is excellent for building confidence in short putts. By repeatedly making putts from various angles, golfers build muscle memory and gain confidence, which is crucial under the pressure of actual play.

The drill also helps golfers work on maintaining focus and concentration. Successfully completing the drill requires consistent performance, which can be challenging as fatigue sets in, especially towards the end of the practice session.

For golfers looking to improve their performance on the greens, incorporating ‘Around the Horn’ into their practice routine can be highly beneficial. It’s a simple yet effective way to refine putting skills and build confidence.

In summary, ‘Around the Horn’ is a practical and versatile putting drill, essential for golfers aiming to improve their accuracy and consistency in putting.

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