What Is an Away Player in Golf?

In golf, the term “away player” refers to the golfer whose ball is farthest from the hole on a given hole or green. The away player has the honor of playing their next shot first, as per golf etiquette and rules.

In a typical golf game, after all players have teed off, the player with the ball farthest from the hole becomes the “away player.” This player then takes their next stroke before the other players, regardless of who had the lowest score on the previous hole.

The concept of the away player is important in maintaining a smooth pace of play and ensuring fairness on the course. It prevents delays and disputes by establishing a clear order for each golfer’s shots.

Being the away player doesn’t necessarily imply a disadvantage. In some cases, being farther from the hole may provide a better angle or strategy for the upcoming shot. However, the player’s position as the away player can change as shots are taken, so it’s important to stay aware of the order and always follow golf etiquette.

In summary, the away player in golf is the one whose ball is farthest from the hole on a given hole or green, and they have the honor of playing their next shot first. This practice helps maintain the flow of the game and ensures fairness among players on the course.

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