What is an Arm Lock Putter in Golf?

An arm lock putter in golf is a type of putter with a longer shaft that a golfer can brace against the inside of their leading arm, creating a more stable and consistent putting stroke.

The arm lock putter has gained popularity in the golfing world, especially after the anchoring ban introduced in 2016 by golf’s governing bodies. This putter style allows the shaft to rest against the forearm of the leading arm, which is typically the left arm for a right-handed golfer. This method reduces wrist movement, leading to a more stable and consistent putting stroke.

One of the key advantages of the arm lock putter is its ability to provide a more anchored feeling while still complying with the rules of golf. This style of putting can be especially beneficial for golfers who struggle with yips or inconsistencies in their traditional putting stroke.

Using an arm lock putter requires a slight adjustment to the golfer’s stance and grip. The golfer needs to stand a bit more upright, and the grip is slightly different from a traditional putter, often requiring a bit of practice to get used to.

Several professional golfers have adopted the arm lock putting method, further popularizing this technique. It has proven to be an effective alternative for players looking for more stability and consistency in their putting.

In conclusion, the arm lock putter represents an innovative approach to putting in the post-anchoring ban era of golf. It offers a unique solution for golfers seeking to improve their putting through enhanced stability and a consistent stroke.

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