What is an Aqua Range in Golf?

An Aqua Range in golf is a driving range where the practice area includes a large water body. Instead of landing on grass, golf balls are hit into the water, making it a unique and environmentally friendly practice facility.

Aqua ranges offer a distinctive experience for golfers. These ranges are especially useful in areas where land is scarce or where water conservation is a priority. The golf balls used at aqua ranges are typically floating balls, which are collected from the water surface by specialized equipment.

One of the key advantages of aqua ranges is their sustainability aspect. They reduce the need for expansive grass ranges and the associated maintenance like watering, mowing, and fertilizing. This makes them an eco-friendly alternative to traditional driving ranges.

For golfers, hitting into a water body can be both fun and challenging. It adds a different dimension to the practice session, often requiring golfers to adjust their visual perspective and depth perception. Aqua ranges are also visually appealing, adding to the overall aesthetic and experience of the facility.

Some aqua ranges are designed with floating targets or islands, providing golfers with specific goals and challenges. This can help improve accuracy and distance control, skills that are beneficial on the actual course.

In summary, aqua ranges in golf provide an innovative and environmentally responsible way for golfers to practice. They offer a fun, challenging, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional driving ranges.

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