What Is a Ball Marker in Golf?

A ball marker in golf is a small, flat object used to mark the position of a golfer’s ball on the putting green. It’s a crucial accessory that helps golfers lift and clean their balls, maintain their spot, and avoid interference with other players.

Ball markers come in various forms, including flat metal discs, plastic coins, or even custom-designed markers with logos or markings. When a golfer’s ball lies on the green, and they wish to clean it or move it out of the way of another player’s putting line, they place the ball marker immediately behind the ball. This marks the ball’s original position.

Once the ball is marked, the golfer can pick it up, clean it, and replace it precisely on the marked spot when it’s their turn to putt. This ensures fairness and accuracy in the game, as golfers are required to putt from the same spot unless specific rules dictate otherwise.

Using a ball marker is a standard practice in golf, emphasizing etiquette and courtesy on the course. It helps maintain the integrity of the game and prevents disputes over the ball’s position.

In summary, a ball marker in golf is a small object used to mark the position of a golfer’s ball on the putting green. It is a fundamental accessory that promotes fair play and accuracy, allowing golfers to lift and clean their balls while ensuring they return to the exact spot where they were marked before putting.

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