TSi3 Driver Review – Distance, Accuracy and More

TSi3 Driver Review

The Titleist TSi3 is one of the most popular golf drivers among the top PGA Tour golfers. Our research on Top 100 PGA golfers suggests that more than 15% of Tour Golfers prefer to play with the TSi3 golf driver. And the number is getting better with time. 

In the same study, we found that Titleist ranks higher as the most popular golf drivers brand. All the TS models have made it into the list, including the TSi3. What specialty does the TSi3 offer that most people choose this club over any other golf drivers? Will it be a good choice for you?

Let’s find out the answers in our review section.

Review on Titleist TSi3 Golf Driver

TSi3 Golf Driver Review

The TSi3 has a pretty similar outlook but offers different performance from the other models of Titleist. Specifically, the TSi3 offers a slightly lower launch and lesser spin from previous TS series drivers. As a result, if you can create more consistent contact and require precise control over CG placement, the TSi3 can be the right choice for you.

And here are the reasons why: 

Size and shape of the clubhead

The TSi3 has a 460cc traditionally shaped head, more extensive than the usual 445cc Titleist drivers. The clubhead has a more prominent sweet spot that makes the club more forgiving. As a result, it is easier for golfers to hit the center and avoid any miss-hits. Besides, built quality is another reason behind the success.  

ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium is already a proven formula with the TSi2 golf driver. Titleist used the same material to produce the TSi3 driver as well. And, the aerodynamic shape helps swing the club faster and have a faster impact speed. That ultimately results in more distance. 

Performance you can expect from TSi3 Golf Driver

TSi3 launch monitor data

After numerous trials conducted by experts using a launch monitor, they found the TSi3 providing a carry distance of 256 yards and a total of 286 yards on average. It is almost 50 yards more than the previous models. Also, during these trials, the average launch angle of TSi3 was 13.4 degrees against 16 and 15 degrees from the TSi 1 and TSi2, respectively. 

You can expect a similar kind of performance based on your swing perfection. You can read our ultimate guide to perfect your golf swing for better understanding. Besides the distance and launch angle, the club offers enough forgiveness to avoid your shots bending left or right. But if you wish to play a fade shot deliberately, you can do that by adjusting its weight. The TSi3 offers good customization and adjustability features. 

Customization and adjustability of the driver

Finally, the customization options provided by Titleist in this driver is a demand for almost all professional golfers. You can customize not only the shafts and grips but also you can adjust the loft angle and adjust the weight. And the adjustability feature is even improved with the weight transferring slider. 

The SureFit CG track at the rear of the head has five positions: one neutral and two each on both sides of the neutral. It’s the latest technology by Titleist. However, the weight difference is not much. If you already have slicing issues, this driver won’t help you. But if you want to rectify your fade shots into straight ones, the TSi3 can help. 

The look of a golf club is also crucial as performance. Isn’t it? 

How does the TSi3 driver look?

titleist tsi3 driver

Titleist has opted for the black color in the TSi3 driver, whereas they made the previous models grey. All three drivers of the TSi series have a similar outlook. Though there are differences shown in the specification charts, they look the same from a distance. It is a little bulky compared to other usual golf drivers. The traditional TSi logo is visible on the clubhead. It looks good on the black body of the club. 

Benefits of TSi3 Golf Driver

  • The TSi3 driver offers plenty of opportunities to customize the club shaft and grips. 
  • The oversized clubhead reduces the chance of missing any hits and provides a good distance on accurate shots.
  • Using the weight adjusting feature, you can play at different angles from the same spot. 
  • The aerodynamic design and lightness of weight help you have faster swing and faster impact and generate more distance. 

Drawbacks of TSi3 Golf Driver

  • The clubhead is slightly bulky in shape.
  • It has very limited weight adjusting options. 

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Final Thoughts

Titleist is one of the top brands among professional golfers. They have introduced many golf clubs over the years. The TSi series of golf drivers are the most successful golf clubs. And the TSi3 leading that chart. 

In this article, we shared expert opinions about this golf driver, which tells us it is a good choice for golfers who love to hit straight and cover a reasonable distance. And if you are good at customization, you have plenty to work with it. 

But, if you look for more than 14 degrees launch angle, the TSi3 would fail to impress you. Nevertheless, you can give a trial to find out more about this club. And let us know if we missed out on any crucial information to share.

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