Putter Length Guide to Score The Winning Putt

How to Measure Putter Length

Having the right length of golf club is very crucial in golf. Especially when it comes to putting the ball in the hole, the importance of the right putter length needs no introduction. In simple terms, the chances of missing a putt is higher with a wrong sized putter. 

If you are struggling in selecting the correct putter length, this article will help you in this regard. You will get to know what is the best putter length for you, how to measure it, and how you can adjust your putter length if you already own a wrong putter.  

Putter length is the distance of your wrist-to-floor. Based on your height and posture of golf swing, it can vary from person to person. The correct putter shaft length will also help you strike the ball consistently from the middle which will help your distance control.

So, what is the ideal putter length and how to measure it? Let’s find the answer below. 

What Length of Putter Should You Use?

Your Height Recommended Club Length
-5′ 0″ 32″
5’0″ to 5’2″ 32.5″
5’2″ to 5’4″ 33″
5’4″ to 5’6″ 33.5″
5’6″ to 5’8″ 34″
5’8″ to 6’0″ 34.5″
6’0″ to 6’2″ 35″
6’2″ to 6’4″ 35.5″
6’4″+ 46″

In a normal scenario, you will find putters with a length of between 32 inch to 42 inch. The shaft of your putter should fall neatly in line with your forearm when you’re in the address position. It’s common for golfers to choose a putter too long for their game. You can’t categorize the putter length because it varies from person to person based on their height and other preferences. 

According to USGA the length of a golf club should not exceed 48 inches and not less than 18 inches. Within this limitation, you can get club sizes of any length depending on your height or style of play. 

Things to consider for measuring right putter length

But before moving on to the measurement process here are facts you need to consider before determining if a putter length is correct for you.

First thing first. Your height plays the most vital factor in choosing the correct length of putter. As mentioned before, it’s also important to make sure you are comfortable and in your traditional stance, but player height gives you a great starting point. 

But apart from the height a few factors affect too in finding the correct putter length. Like stance and style of playing stroke. Here is a video from Brett Meyer that we found effective in understanding the complete concept.

As we know the legal club length, let’s find out how you can measure the length of your putter and whether it is right for you or not. 

How to Measure Putter Length

How to Measure Putter Length

You can measure putter length with a straight edge ruler or measurement tape. Measuring putter length is as easy as measuring any other thing that we measure in our daily life. Here’s how you can measure the entire procedure step-by-step at home.

  • First, you need to hold the putter to the center flat on the ground. Even this is crucial to take the measurement correctly because if you prefer the toe slightly up at setup, you still need to hold the putter, so its center is flat on the ground.
  • Then use your measuring device (ruler or tape) for this task. To do so, set it in line with the center of your putter.
  • Now, keeping the measuring device close to the shaft. And make sure the top of the grip of your putter correctly lines up with the ruler.
  • Finally, now check the number that shows at the top of the grip: your putter’s length. Yes, this is the number you are looking for, and it’s the required length of the putter.

It would be best if you already own some measurement equipment like a yardstick and standard measurement tape to measure the putter length. However, you may not be able to make a logical decision by using this traditional tool.

It is better to buy any straight edge ruler from any local shop for a good result. It will help if you ensure a flat and level surface in this measuring system. Because of an uneven surface, you may have difficulties taking the measurement accurately.

You can follow the video on how to measure putter length attached here for detailed learning.

By now you have a better understanding of the method of measuring putter length and what should be the proper length of your putter. But what if you already have a wrong length putter? Though it is recommended to replace the wrong one with a right length putter, you don’t always need to do this. Because you can adjust your putter length. Let’s know how.

How to Adjust Putter Length

It is a very simple process to adjust putter length. Just cut the extra amount of shaft and make it perfect. Sounds too easy, right? It is easy indeed. Follow a few simple steps and you will have the right putter length. 

Required tools: 

  1. Measurement tape, 
  2. Sandpaper 
  3. Marker (pencil or pen)
  4. and a hacksaw

Once you have the right tool, follow the process: 

Step 1: Measure and find your required measurement. 

Find out the right measurement of putter that you need to play your game properly. There are 2 methods to do the measurement. We mentioned the easier one earlier. Learn the second process of  how to measure golf club length if you want to. You will require the measurement tape in this stage. 

Step 2: Remove the old grip 

Removing the old grip

Once you know the measurement, mark it with a marker. And then remove the old grip. Because it is wise to cut on that side of the shaft rather than cutting the club head side. Don’t worry you can re-grip your golf club later. 

  1. Before putting the club into the vise, keep a towel-like cloth under it.
  2. Make sure that the grip end of the club is pointing at you when you place it into the vise.
  3. Take a sharp utility knife to cut off the grip. Then discard it in the trash.
  4. If you find tape on your golf club, peel it off.

Step 3: Cutting the shaft

You know the required length. Right? And there is a mark as mentioned in the first stage. 

  • Carefully cut the club with the hack saw on the marked point. Keep your finger far from the sharp edge of your cutting blade.
  • Let the heated shaft cool for at least 10-15 minute.
  • Take a piece of sandpaper and cautiously smooth the finish of the immediately cutted club.

Step 4: Regrip your golf club

Regripping golf club

Replicate the following process to regrip your golf putter grip. 

  • Stick a tape to put the new grip with the shaft.
  • Splash some diluent which becomes sticky when it is dried up. Use a lubricate type solvent so that you can easily move the grip over it.
  • After splashing diluent into the grip, hold your finger to the tee-sized hole at the end of grip. And yes, you need to spray the diluent into the other end. To make the inside of the grip slippery, you have to shake this around.
  • While holding the dissolve into the grip with your finger, put the grip on to the shaft.


It is recommended to buy a putter with proper length. And we discussed the importance of it and how to measure the putter length properly in this article. Hope you can practice the methods described in this putter length guide and get your desired putter length. 

But what happens if you bought a wrong length putter? It would be a challenging task to increase the putter length if you have a shorter putter. But you can easily shorten your putter shaft length if you have a longer one.

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