Golf Club Reviews and Resources

How to Measure Golf Club Length

Measure Golf Club Length In 2 Proven Methods

Tired of searching for ways to measure your club? We have searched too. Although there are tons of information out there, it seems most of them are unorganized and not in-depth. You can pick up a club off the shelf …

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How to Grip a Golf Club Properly

How to Properly Grip a Golf Club (Tutorial)

Good golf begins with a good grip. – Ben Hogan (Golf Legend) More than 81% of golf teachers acknowledge that grip is one of the first things that they teach students. In this article, you will get to know every …

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callaway big bertha irons

Callaway Big Bertha Irons Series Reviewed

In 1933, a man named Willie Ogg designed a new type of golf club made out of a metal called Iron. Since then, the iron golf club has gone under a lot of modifications and is quite popular among the …

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golf clubs to choose from

Which Golf Club To Use When

Which golf club to use is the frequently asked question by most golfers in their early career. Not just beginners, but also some intermediate golfers also expressed such confusion in several forums, groups, or interviews. So we designed this article …

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kids golf, golf for junior

The 10 Best Golf Clubs for Junior and Kids

Golf is all about focus, concentration, and control. It seems like you are learning a foreign language at first, I believe every golfer has had the same feeling at their early stage of learning. So you can easily imagine how …

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golf club for women

Best Ladies Golf Clubs for 2022

It must be a challenging task to find the best golf club for women as 77% of golfers are male. But the number of ladies golfers is on the rise. Among the ladies, golf has taken a considerable leap forward …

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